Tim Rose Demonstration (Sept 2009)


Our first meeting of 2009-2010 featured the intricate and detailed oil paintings of Oklahoma artist Timothy Rose.


He brought eight of his works, and we displayed them on the stage as he started another piece. His still life was a simple arrangement of fruit and an ornate bowl (see the image at the end of this post).


He discussed brush techniques, surface, different media and cleaning agents, and listed his color palette as he went from one area of the painting to another.

During a break halfway through the presentation, we were given the opportunity to see his work up-close and ask more technical questions about his process.

Tim Parrow and Bill Miller get a more in-depth discusion.

Tim Parrow and Bill Miller get a more in-depth discusion.

He cautioned us that some people have taken issue with him using plastic fruit in his work, but considering how long he can spend working on a single piece, he doesn’t have to worry about his subject matter going bad and changing color!

Tim's still life

a photograph of Tim's still life

Overall, Tim’s demonstration was informative, engaging, and a great way to kick off the season!

Our next meeting will be on October 26, and will feature the acrylic paintings of Helen Howerton.

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