Helen Howerton Demonstration (October 2009)


This was Helen’s second demonstration with the Guild, and she said she wasn’t as nervous this time!

Artist’s Statement:
“Creating wildlife art is an obsession! …a passion! …a way of communicating the awe I feel for this beautiful world of nature that surrounds us. Birds and animals add so much to our lives and are often taken for granted. There’s a peace and unity found in nature; one we need to preserve and enjoy. May appreciation and a oneness with our natural world be awakened through my paintings.”


She has the entire stage to herself!


Helen shows us how she works with everything from the overall scene down to the smallest detail.


The most inquisitive Guild members hop up on stage to see the work up close.


She has even more brushes than this!


Velma Sanders and Helen Howerton listen to some of the youngest members of the Guild


Lynn Schwartz and Tim Parrow are impressed!


We had a good crowd!

Our next meeting will be held November 23, and will feature the photography of our own Jason Wallace.

One Response to “Helen Howerton Demonstration (October 2009)”

  1. Susan Richardson Says:

    Congratulations on your work for the Stillwater Art Guild. The Web page is great and has been needed.

    What is “pinging”?

    Thanks for all you do.

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