Kathryn Walker Richardson Demonstration (March 2010)


Oklahoma portrait painter Kathryn Walker Richardson stopped by to reveal some of her painting secrets. Despite only allocating two hours to the demonstration, we got the impression it could have gone on for days. So she offered a three-day painting workshop!

The King is waiting.

As she focuses on the monumental task at hand, we stare in awe and wonder.

"Mirror mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the la-- okay yeah, it's Elvis."

"He is made of this color, and this color, and this color.."

With Elvis on stage, the hardest part was fighting the urge to get up and dance!

It's a group effort!

At first, we may have struggled through the workshop, but it started making sense after a while:

The workshop is teeming with activity, but Mary Ann is focused.

Whatever it is, Tim is getting it figured out!

We got the impression that three days might not have been enough to cover all of the little nuances of her method, but everybody enjoyed seeing Kathryn again! We hope she had a pleasant stay with us and look forward to seeing her in the future!

Without our own Mary Ann Wade and friend of Kathryn, this event might not have been possible!

April 26 will feature pastel artist Joey Frisillo. This will also be our last meeting this season until September!

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