Velma Sanders at Malinda Berry Fischer (April 2010)


The expressiveness of Velma’s brush strokes is definitely a sight to behold, but under the light of the Malinda Berry Fischer Art Gallery in Stillwater, her work is at its most vivid:

Velma’s work will be on display through June 16, 2010. The Malinda Berry Fischer Gallery is located at 400 S. Monroe in Stillwater, OK.

5 Responses to “Velma Sanders at Malinda Berry Fischer (April 2010)”

  1. Mike Stano Says:

    Great show, Velma. Congratulations!

  2. Susan Richardson Says:

    I really enjoyed your show and reception. I was wondering how you could put it together when your health was not as robust as usual. Congratulations, you did it!

  3. Becky Ladewig Says:

    Sorry I missed the opening but will get there sometime during the exhibit. Great job on the web site!

  4. Roxanne Parrow Says:

    Your show was great. Congratulations.

  5. Matt Says:

    Congrats. Great exhibition.

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