Lights on Stillwater 2010


We assembled a team: Jason Wallace, Bill Miller, Rose Ann Red, and Kristin Gentry — who put their heads together to create a powerful presence for the Guild at this year’s Lights on Stillwater.

(If we get new members out of this, hello and welcome! :)

Jason not only let us borrow his art booth for the evening, but he filled it with photos from past demonstrations and events, and even offered his “Union” photo for a raffle!

The booth has its own lights!

Bill put his drawing skills on display and offered to draw anybody who sat in front of him.. (He worked nonstop from 6:pm to 9:pm!)

Bill draws the crowd, quite literally!

Rose Ann and Kristin worked their magic — they enticed people with candy, offered up postcards, and explained to everybody what we’re all about:

They're takin' names!

It was a ton of fun — we look forward to seeing lots of new faces this year!

..As a reminder, our next meeting will be on Sept 27, at 7:pm, and will feature a demonstration by Tim Jessell — creator of some of the most breathtaking illustrations of OSU and Stillwater.

Check out his website at:

– – – – –

More photos:

"Free candy?? AWESOME!"

(background) Jason's booth design, (foreground) Bill gets to work.

At first, the crowd takes some time to become accustomed to our new appearance.

He makes it look so easy.

Jason, Bill, Rose Ann and Kristin all did a wonderful job; and to everybody who came by our booth, we look forward to seeing you again!

8 Responses to “Lights on Stillwater 2010”

  1. Roxanne Parrow Says:

    Thank you Jason, Bill, Rose Ann and Kristin!!!!!!!!!! Great job! Great article – thanks, Jason.

  2. Mona Wells Says:

    Great job!

  3. Donna Branson Says:

    Thank you all for putting this together for our group, we really appreciate you. Awesome job!!

  4. Joyce Peace Says:

    Looks great. Am anxious to see what you do next.
    I love this art group.
    Thanks for the good work.

  5. Sherrill Lewis Says:

    WHOOHOO! Great job (of course!) and the Guild was well represented. Can hardly wait for the new Guild year to begin, and am hoping y’all gathered up lots of new members and members-to-be.

  6. Debbie Gauger Says:

    Thanks! You all did a wonderful job, and the pictures are great!

  7. jeanette johnson Says:

    This is incredibly cool, classy and looks like a fun event for all involved. I thank you my friends in art…Wow…Awesome…Amazing presentation. I am so proud of all of you. It is my joy to call you friends, and stand in awe of your work as artists. Have a joyous year!
    Your friend in Christ and fellow artist

  8. Susan Richardson Says:

    What a great job you did. It is no wonder you got lots of attention.

    Looking forward to another interesting year for SAG.

    Fondly, Susan

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