Tim Jessell Demonstration (September 2010)


Local illustrator Tim Jessell stopped by to show off how awesome he is.

And by awesome, I mean he has worked with the likes of Texaco, Anheuser Busch, TIME, TEXAS MONTHLY, American Airline, Southwest Airlines, Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, NCR, Cessna, American Showcase, Pacific Bell, Kerr-McGee, Diner’s Club, USAA, DeKuyper Schnapps, Nike, Polaroid, Nintendo, GTE, Miller Brewing, AT&T, Dr. Pepper, Lands’End catalogue, Hasbro Games, Symantec, and Apple Computer. (from his biography)

That’s awesome.

Tim is an illustrator. Here's a sample from his "early collection"

"Hi, I'm Tim. See the lightning here? I'm a wizard."

"Without further ado, I'm gonna sit here and draw a ball."

"It's gonna be about 'this' big.."

"But first, be amazed at my multitasking skills!" *oooh!*

After a few moments... A BALL.

(Under Tim’s skilled hand, the “ball” image got a lot more well-developed, but our event photographer became so enthralled by the demonstration that he forgot to take more photos of it.)

"This drawing tablet is normally this huge. It doesn't fold up or anything."

"If that's all the questions, I'll get back to falconry and coaching baseball!"


Anyway, Tim is a heck of a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed his demo! Check out his work at http://timjessell.com

Our next demonstration will be October 25, with acrylic painter Rory Morgan!

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