Rory Morgan Demonstration (October 2010)


On October 25, artist Rory Morgan stopped by to show us his painting techniques. It didn’t take long to realize that he brought all of his 30 years of painting experience with him:

Behind his easel are acrylic and oil paints. He uses both -- sometimes on the same image!

His work involves a meticulous amount of detail, resulting in near-photorealism.

His favorite subjects include wildlife and vast landscapes of the Wichita Mountains here in Oklahoma.

Everything was going well, and Lynn started planning something..

"This one is nice, but it won't fit in my pocket."

We turn our backs for five seconds, and now look..

"Yup! I got it! It's mine now!"

..I'm not sure, but I think she held it ransom until he paid up. :)

– – – – –

Rory has a wonderful charm which kept us so involved that we didn’t notice that the demo went late by a few minutes! We thank Rory and his wife Jennie for visiting with us, and look forward to seeing them on the art festival circuit next year!

Next month’s featured artist is photographer John Kennington — November 22, 7:pm, Sheerar Auditorium.

2 Responses to “Rory Morgan Demonstration (October 2010)”

  1. Roxanne Parrow Says:

    Great demo and great article – thanks, Jason and Rory!

  2. Mona Wells Says:

    Great photos of an interesting demo.

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