John Kennington Demonstration (November 2010)


November 22 made for a quite interesting evening for the guild. It was more than the usual lecture-based demonstration — photographer John Kennington stopped by to show us his canvas stretching methods for his prints.

Some of you might recognize him from art festivals around the state. He participates in Edmond Arts Festival, Lawton Arts Festival, Paseo Arts Festival in downtown OKC, and Tulsa Mayfest (where he was awarded ‘Best Photographer’ this past year!)

I think he was explaining something awesome (I dunno, I was too busy taking the photo)

There's always a little bit of photoshoppery involved in making an image 'canvas ready'

now this piece of wood is going to get really interesting.. gather around

we get up-close

Tim gets even closer!

havin' fun, gettin' it done!

it's nothing that a staple gun can't fix!

And there we go! ..Jude Tolar (far left) doesn't stand like that unless she's found something really fascinating.

In addition to the demo, John gave us links to his vendors:

John put on a fantastic demo, and we look forward to seeing more of his work at upcoming art shows around the state!

Our next demo is on January 24, 2011, and we will feature colored pencil artist Vonda Evans.

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