Larry Clingman Demonstration (February 2011)


On the evening of February 28, we were in the presence of a master. Larry Clingman is a professional oil painter from Bixby, Oklahoma. His style reflects on the old masters, with a strong sense of chiaroscuro.

Once again, we presented his demonstration with the camcorder & projector setup we started last month. This was quite effective at presenting his technique because his work is around 16″ to 20″ wide.

Below a projection of his work, Larry introduces us to his techniques.

intense. focus.

Glancing at the still life, making sure everything is in its right place.

Some of us learn best when we get up close among the artist and his brushes.

(Who's interviewing who here?)

His style and technique held our attention for the entire demo, but the most inspiring part was when he mentioned that he doesn’t have a day-job. He is one of the few artists in the state who lives solely from his artwork. He cautioned us that with such a business model, there are good days and not-so-good days, but we still aspire to reach his level of artistic independence.

He is highly interesting and truly inspiring. We hope to cross paths with Mr. Clingman again.

UPDATE (3/6/2011) – Larry sent us an image of the finished painting he was working on during our demo:

"Teal Vase With Red Cherry"

It’s even more impressive that he had to build the still life three times: started at his studio, worked at our demo, then finished back at his studio. (Total time: about 4 hours)

Our next meeting is on March 28 with pastel portrait artist Mitsuno Reedy.

2 Responses to “Larry Clingman Demonstration (February 2011)”

  1. Dodie Says:


    You hit upon a wonderful idea when you started using the camcorder & projector for our demos. We can all see what the demo artist is doing now from any seat in the auditorium. Thanks for all your hard work!


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