Mitsuno Reedy Demonstration (March 2011)


Originally from Osaka, Japan, Mitsuno Reedy has been doing a mixture of landscape, still-life, and portrait work since the late 1970s — notable portraits include: Luciano Pavarotti, and former Oklahoma governor Brad Henry.

On the evening of March 28, we provided her with a model (and a friend of the Art Guild), the lovely Juanis Sanchez.

Mitsuno introducing herself, as Juanis gets ready

Jude Tolar (center), one of our resident pastel artists expresses the same curiosity that we all had that evening

it takes focus, patience.. all that fun stuff

measure twice, draw once

In addition to having a good model, and a video showing the audience what's going on, it helps to have a complete acre of pastels.

"Look at this! Now, look at that! ..amazing."

Here's looking at you

We want to thank both Mitsuno Reedy, and our model Juanis Sanchez. They were a great team, and it was so inspiring that I think we’ll have a few artists experimenting with pastels over the coming months!

Our next meeting is on April 25, and will feature Janice Mathews-Gordon. It’s our final meeting this season (until September), so we hope to see all of you there!

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