Janice Mathews-Gordon Demo (April 2011)


On April 25, Janice Mathews-Gordon showed us some of the techniques behind her unique work.

Janice is a professional artist from Oklahoma City who spent 25 years as a graphic designer before transitioning into fine art in 2006.

Quote from her website:

Many of my pieces are suggestive of the wide open spaces and craggy land formations known to Oklahoma and the southwest. This imagery surfaces constantly as I explore who and where I came from, always leading to a broader examination of the role ancestors and birthplace plays in shaping a person’s life.

In the new few seconds, this tiny whatever-it-is will do fantastic things

The work surface, visible from across the room

Her work is available in several sizes

She shows her palette of colors as gravity works its magic!

Her finished pieces have a much more rich texture than can be displayed on a website. Her work is on permanent display at the Contemporary Art Gallery in the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City.

"Raised in Red"

Travels in Red I

Travels in Red II

And that concludes our demonstrations for the spring. We will return with a whole new lineup of demonstrations starting September 26, 2011!

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