Hank Poppe Demonstration (October 2011)


All the way from Lawton, Oklahoma, Hank Poppe stopped by to show us something different. Most of our members have extensive experience with natural media: drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. Some of our members are hip-deep in the (now) digital world of photography. But hardly anybody is working on fine art which is purely digital from start to finish.

This is where Hank comes in. In 1997, he started creating computer-based training for the US Army, and he has been a professional 3D artist for the past 14 years. His passion is to bring purely digital work to the fine art world:

The best part -- it's fun!

First, you have to start with some magic..

Then find a computer than can handle it

(..we're soaking it up!)

The interface is intimidating at first, but this is the 'canvas'

The laptop takes a week to render.. anybody have a faster one? :)

More photos are available on our Facebook page

His work looks photorealistic, but this is definitely a whole new medium! We’re all familiar with the likes of Tron and Avatar — digital movies — but instead of simple entertainment, what if you used those same tools to create thought-provoking fine art? Hank’s demo was just as much of a thought experiment as it was an artistic demonstration. This relatively new medium is a wonderful addition to the art world, and we hope to see more of Hank’s work!

Next meeting is November 28, featuring the pottery of Paul Pfrehm! See you there!

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