Jerry Yarnell Demonstration (January 2012)


We started off the new year by featuring Jerry Yarnell, one of the few artists we know who has his own television show.

Jerry had already established his art career by the time he was 21. He used to record videos of his painting methods, and eventually one of his students took a tape to a PBS affiliate. Not long after that, Grumbacher saw one of his videos, and he was offered a contract before he knew it.

Now, a 25-year veteran of PBS, he has authored 12 books on painting and hundreds of teaching videos. His complete series of illustration videos, DVDs, and books is available at In addition, some of his fine art paintings can be viewed at

He has been rewarded for his dedication with numerous awards, and his work has been received enthusiastically from shows to galleries across the country. But above all, Jerry is quick to tell you that God gets all the glory for his success.

It's like cooking.. "a little bit of this, some of that"

Only 15 minutes in, and we have an entire mountain range.

We had an overwhelming turnout!

"Hope you're getting this, there will be a quiz soon!" :)

There are entire paintings inside these tubes, and it's his job to get them out!

..getting there


For this demo, 83 people showed up, which was probably the largest turnout in the history of the art guild!

Jerry was also kind enough to donate the finished piece to the guild!

All photos by Jason Wallace, more photos from the evening are available on Facebook


4 Responses to “Jerry Yarnell Demonstration (January 2012)”

  1. Mona Wells Says:

    Jason truly captured the spirit of the evening with his photography. Mona

  2. Ms.Bobbie Biggio Says:

    I wish our PBS station in Birmingham, ALstill carried your demonstrations. I desperately need an instruction on how to paint blades of grass in an open field. I can’t seemto find the right brush to give me that technique.

  3. Diana Wright Says:

    You are a wonderful teacher. I look forward to your show every week. I am almost 70 years old, have been painting for years and I have learned more from you than from any book or any other person. Thank you, Diana Wright

  4. Shera Williams Says:

    I so enjoy watching your show. I just consider myself an ” Amateur,” but I love painting, and pick up a lot of info from your beautiful art works. Thank you.

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