Ken Belanus Demonstration (February 2012)


Ken has an engineering background, and this was a demonstration of magnificent precision.

"Torque and horsepower are important in this line of work."

It's like a live episode of "How It's Made"

You don't always have to cut, you can paint!

making the top...

...spinning the top

Ken could talk for hours, and you know what, we would enjoy it!

Cutting off-center circles like it's the normal thing to do!

Is it still called hobnobbing if we're all artists?

(more photos available on Facebook)

Of course the demo went long, it was awesome! It was the first demo where we had to use the vacuum cleaner, and even that was fun!

You can see Ken’s work at the upcoming 2012 Stillwater Arts Festival.

Our next demonstration is on March 26, featuring pastel artist Ronald Charles Chapman.

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