2011 Tour

Date & Time:
– Saturday, March 26 (9:00am to 5:00pm)
– Sunday, March 27 (1:00pm to 5:00pm)
Location: Stillwater and Perry, Oklahoma

Fourteen artists in Stillwater and Perry are opening their studios to the public, and are inviting you to step into the spaces where artwork is born. Visitors will get to know the individual artists, see their tools and techniques, and catch a glimpse into the creative process. Artists will be answering questions, offering demonstrations, and will have “works in progress” on display and works for sale.

Artists on the tour

  • Mirelle Damicone (Painting, Jewelry)
  • Bob Davis (Watercolor)
  • Jim Franklin (Sculpture)
  • Lou Hale (Sculpture & Oil Painting)
  • Beverly Hanes (Watercolor)
  • David Horton (Graphics, CNC)
  • Courtney Lynn Kelly
  • Michelle Himes-McCrory (Printmaking)
  • Morgan Robinson (Wood Sculpture)
  • Tom Sanders (Lapidary & Silversmith)
  • Velma Sanders (Oil Painting)
  • Earline Strom (Red Earth Pottery)
  • Jude Tolar (Pastels)
  • Jason Wallace (Photography)

Maps ($5.00)

Available at the previous location of the Exhibit One Gallery (102 N. Main)

The map will be your ‘ticket’ and will indicate the locations of each studio. It’s a self-guided tour allowing you to visit each studio at your own pace.

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